Hannibal, the novel:

"You’re quite beautiful, Clarice."

"Looks are an accident, Dr Lecter."

"If comeliness were earned, you’d still be beautiful."


"Do not say `Thanks."

A fractional turn of his head was enough to dash his annoyance like a glass thrown in the fireplace.

"I say what I mean," Starling said. "Would you like it better if I said `I’m glad you find me so.’ That would be a little fancier, and equally true." She raised her glass beneath her level prairie gaze, taking back nothing.

It occurred to Dr Lecter in the moment that with all his knowledge and intrusion, he could never entirely predict her, or own her at all. He could feed the caterpillar, he could whisper through the chrysalis; what hatched out followed its own nature and was beyond him. He wondered if she had the .45 on her leg beneath the gown.


Ooooh, how I enjoyed this scene! Absolutely delicious (pun intended). The only downfall is that we can’t have it in future with Clarice.

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I can feed the caterpillar, I can whisper through the chrysalis, but what hatches follows its own nature and is beyond me.

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i still miss bedelia du maurier

come back to me

the truth is out there tbh

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Do you have a shadow, Peter? Someone only you can see.


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when your psychiatrist is a serial killer.

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im gonna create a religion around Hugh Dancy’s jawline

who’s with me

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I have decided that Hugh Dancy is the best actor in the world.

Someone please give him an award immediately.

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30 day hannibal meme: favorite otp/brotp

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hannibal: how would you kill me?
will: i'd do it with my hands
hannibal: haha, and then what? ;)

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